Monday, March 25, 2019

Yard Sale

Cardboard sign says yard sale, real estate sign says sold, family picnic table holds all that it can hold. On the grass and on the sidewalk, there must be half the town.  Ain't it funny how a broken home can bring the prices down.  They're sortin’ through what's left of you and me, paying yard sale  prices for each golden memory.”  Sammy Kershaw

Hearing this song made me thing of a yard sale I had MANY years ago after my divorce. Y’all know  I do lots of things before I think, so this was no different.  Remember the wedding pictures?  No groom?  The missing groom of course is going to be the blunt of this one too.   So hold on, it’s gonna be an eight second ride or a 15 minute read.

You see, the groom was a cowboy which meant I had lots of Wrangler jeans, Roper boots in every color and a dad gum $500 Stetson hat that I wore to leave in after the wedding.  Well from this previous sentence I don’t have to tell you all this stuff was put in the yard sale.  Yep, that $500 Stetson hat SOLD…right there on the front lawn of my friend’s house $50 and all those
 boots…GONE!  Just like that my entire married life…leaving in a bag.

While I’m standing there bagging up all those things from my closet, of course it brought back lots of memories, some good and some bad.  The hardest thing was these people I didn’t even know was about to be wearing MY clothes and MY $300 Stetson hat that I loved.  I wonder how many of these things I’ve passed on the street and didn’t even know they were mine from a previous life.

Writing this I’m trying to think if I have anything left that I didn’t put in that yard sale from this time in my life.  I can only think of one think and that’s the dang wedding dress.  Now why in the world would I keep it?  For sure I’m never going to fit in it again, I don’t have a daughter that would ever wear it again, so why is it still hanging in my closet?  To answer that question, I have no idea, other than I loved my dress.  It was a most beautiful, off the shoulder, size 2 dress that I paid entirely too much for, but I loved it.  Every now and then I get it out just to see if I can fit in it, but as we all know, it ain’t happening in this life time.  I did use the train to make my daughter in law the veil for her wedding.  I hesitated a few days since my marriage didn’t last, but thankfully it didn’t jinx her, they have been married 15 years this year. YEAH!!! The spell is broken. LOL

LESSON TODAY: If life hasn’t dealt you the best cards in the deck, don’t dwell on it, put the crap in a yard sale and sell it at yard sale prices.  Life ain’t always fair, and things don’t work out the way we planned, but there’s no use to dwell on the past.  Any way you’re not living there anymore so go ahead, bag it all up, let it go and start living in the present.  After all, yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present.  So go ahead and live it to the fullest.

Sweet Southern Sass