Saturday, February 16, 2019

God & My Girlfriend's

I know he was made just for me, two hearts that fit perfectly, he gives me love-more than enough.  But way before he came along there was somebody else making me strong.  There is no doubt I'd be nothing
without God and my girlfriends."  Reba McEntire

This idea was given to me by one of my best friends this past weekend while at a Sweetheart Ball.  I've posted before there are six of us ladies that have been best friends for 40 years.  Three of us were at the ball this weekend and had the most wonderful time.  While we were talking about this song, she said you know two things for sure we can count on is God and our girlfriends or "Birds" in our case.  Keep in mind she's married and she can count on her husband but there's just a difference in counting on your husband and counting on your girlfriends.

In my mind, a husband makes a vow for better or worse, rich or poor, and whatever the rest is, but a girlfriend doesn't make any vows, doesn't put anything in writing or sign a license...we just are there for each other through thick and thin, better or worse  but more importantly during the good and bad.   We're always there making the other stronger, lifting each other up and over and over we're there for each other.

The six of us through our 40 years of friendship have been single, married, divorced, had children but together we're all standing strong through these sad and happy times.   All of us haven't been divorced and all of us haven't had children, but for sure at one time or another we have been single and married.  I may have been at more than one wedding for one of us, but who's counting.  I've been to two of my own.  LOL  The most joyous occasions of course we've had fun and many laughs, but then there are the sad times when parents have been lost, and yes those were hard times, but the girlfriends were there first and the last to leave.

These ladies I talked about above are my BEST friends, but I have other partners in crime that I love as well.  They are the Thelma to my Louise or the Louise to my Thelma whichever it may be, the cream to my coffee and the sugar in my sweet tea.  LOL, that's  a lotta craziness up in these friendships but I don't know any other way to describe these girlfriends of mine.  We go to a lot of concerts, Nashville is a given every ear and there are lots of stuff in between.  Most of these ladies are co-workers or former co-workers so needless to say there are lots of stories we can tell... good and bad.  But as ya'll know, whatever happens wherever we are, stays where we are or was or will be.

The one thing all these girlfriends of mine and me have in common is that we all believe in God and we have him front and center in our lives.  We may not always act like it and I'm sure God and our guardian angels shake their heads and wonder what the world were they thinking.  But the one thing I know and all my girlfriends know , is there is no way any of us are or will ever be perfect, so that's why we're glad God is a forgiving God.  Sometimes I wonder if I'm running out of forgiveness times because I'm every day having to ask for it.  But from what I know, I don't think you run out of times because we all know God is always forgiving if we just ask.  And trust me... I have asked plenty of times.

I do want to throw in one more thing since I'm talking about forgiveness.   I try not to only ask or pray for things, I always, always thank him for answered prayers.  Heck, there have been many times I've thanked him for unanswered prayers.  Sometimes he may have to hit me in the head that I notice it's him, but sooner or later I will recognize that was a God wink or a knock, knock it's God and I will stop and thank him.  Yes, I'm sure ya'll are thinking this lady for real has gone crazy, but when it comes to God and how I believe, there ain't nothing crazy about what I think and how I know he's answered more prayers and protected me more times than I can count on everyone's fingers and toes.  Now ya'll figure that one out.

LESSON:   Today is if you have girlfriends like I do, whether they be your BESTEST ones or your partner in crime ones,  take time and enjoy your friendship.  Give them a call, NOT A TEXT, spend a few minutes to just catch up.  Heck if it's like me when I call one of mine, it will turn into an hour or at least many minutes.  People don't take the time these days to enjoy life, so do that soon.  Get your Thelma, Louise, partner in crime, best friends whatever you want to call them and have some fun.   One more thing... don't forget to thank God every day for waking up and especially remember to thank him for those answered prayers and if you're like me, thank him for the unanswered ones.
LOVE TO ALL... Sweet Southern Sass