Thursday, January 10, 2019

Love You Long Time

OK y'all I don't have a song for this one right yet, but this idea came to me yesterday when I was on the radio with my favorite morning DJ Kathy.  Almost together we said "love you long time."  This just stuck in my head all day yesterday so here you go the reasons it stuck.

The first time I heard these words "love you long time" I had gone to a customer's house to get the paper work signed for him to get a mortgage for his house.  I knew this guy a long time so I was comfortable meeting him at his shop right there at his house.  Of course we talked about anything and everything except mortgages, but that's what I loved about my job at the time.  I treated my customer's like family and wanted them to trust me that I was doing the right thing for them.  After visiting for a while and getting the paper work signed I hugged him and started to leave.  As I was leaving I heard him say something but didn't exactly know what it was.  When I got in the car I thought to self, did he just say he loved me?  I know, what's not to love, but did he say that for real?

Long story short on this, several years later, my friend was killed in an accident.  I went to the funeral service and one of his good friends was a speaker.  Of course he told many stories that made us laugh because that's what my friend was all about.  But at the end he told the story that every time my friend left from visiting someone, he would say "love you long time."  I almost fell off the pew.  I said to self again...that's exactly what he said to me that day.   Thinking back to that visit, I believe it was the last time I saw him, so hearing those words "love you long time" made that visit even more special.  Special that he would say that to me as I left.  So my friend....Love you long time.

Y'all may not can think of someone you've loved long time, but besides my family I have several.  Three of my best guy friends I've known almost 40 years.  Two of them I see regularly, one I haven't seen since he left Georgia about 30+ years ago, but we have stayed in touch by phone all these years.   My four best friends, or the Birds as we like to call ourselves, I've known right at 40 years also.  Then there are my two best friends from high school, well we're going on 50 years knowing each other.  Crap, that makes them old.  LOL   With all this being said,  I've loved long time lots of people that have been a very big part of my life for lots of years.  Many years of special people that I will love long time.

LESSON TODAY:  Who knows where I'm going with this one, but if you are lucky enough to have friends like I've mentioned and you've loved them long time, don't let that slip away.  It's so easy to get busy with your own life and not make the time to keep your special friends long time.  You may not be able to get together with them, but with all the modern technology we have today, surely there is some way to keep in touch.  I got 'em all, tweeter (as I call it), instagram, facepage (as someone called it on TV today) and then there is the trusty phone and even better...go visit, even if it's just a few minutes.

I mentioned in the first paragraph I didn't have a song but I would find one.  Well, as promised, here you go.
This song, Love You 'Til I'm Gone , written by my friend Larry Scroggs, is perfect for this post because it says I'll do my best to love you 'til I'm gone.   Well hell's bells, is that not the same as "love you long time?"
Works for me so 'til next time...LOVE YOU LONG TIME!!!