Thursday, November 22, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving Y'all

It's Thanksgiving y'all and as the saying goes...There is ALWAYS something to be thankful for.  I know there are friends of mine this will be there first Thanksgiving without a loved one, so for those friends my prayer is you will still have time with family and to give thanks for those many Thanksgiving before spent with your loved one.

Thanksgiving for us will be at my Mama Highfield's, the same thing we have done as long as I can remember. Even though my Mama Highfield is celebrating Thanksgiving in heaven, I still say that's where my Thanksgiving is because Thanksgiving was her time of year for us all to be there.  She told us many years ago if we can all come for Thanksgiving, we can come when we can for Christmas.  So guess what, if Mama Highfield wants us there, then that's what we do.

This year we have been blessed that we didn't lose a loved one and for that I am very thankful.  Last year we had just lost my Aunt Mary and it was a hard Thanksgiving for my Uncle Cecil, but he being the Christian man that he is, knew that being with family was what he needed.  I really think he just wanted to see me because I'm always the prankster and he knew I would have something up my sleeve.  I behaved myself last year but today I might have to come up with something just for him.

So many precious memories of Thanksgivings past but the thing I remember most is we always got out the old pictures, sat in the middle of the floor, and laughed so much as we passed those pictures around.  Mama Highfield thought that was so funny and she loved seeing us having so much fun.  Lord help me if I have to get in that floor today.  It might take a few people to get me back up.

Today my sister Sharon and her family won't be there because she's got a crazy piece of body armour to wear until we find out the reason for a compression fracture.  She spent the weekend in the hospital and now we're just waiting on her neurosurgeon to get home and give us a treatment plan.   I offered to help her cook, but being the woman she is, she wouldn't let me.  I'm sure she will be sad that's she's missing Thanksgiving with me, but I won't let her down, I will go see her, 'cause I know she will miss me if I don't.

Today we welcome a new member of our family as my niece Taylor got married last weekend.  Even though Graham has been in the family ten years, he is officially part of this crazy family today.  I wonder if I should get out the pictures of Taylor, so I don't break tradition.   I'm thinking he's already seen them all, but I'm also thinking there is one somewhere he hasn't seen.

LESSON TODAY:  This post has been about my Thanksgivings and my family but I hope all you sassy followers reading this today take the time to enjoy the day with your family.  Put your cell phones away and REALLY spend time with them.  If you're not getting together with your family, call them.   If you're starting a new family, make it special.  Find something that will be a family tradition for you and yours.  Now, I gotta get a move mama is cooking the turkey and making the dressing.   Got to get to my Mama Highfield's early so I can be first in line.  Yep, I'm always the first.  Surely that doesn't surprise y'all.


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