Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Stuck In The Middle

So this idea got "stuck" in my head the other day but I couldn't get my thoughts together on how to not be a sad post.  Then I posted a question on facebook and a friends answer to me was "I can't wait to read what you write about this one."  BINGO, that started this little mind in motion.  So hang on folks we gonna get a little stuck or hopefully unstuck.

The idea last week started because I'm just feeling stuck in life.  Stuck that I'm not young and 25 but not old either, stuck that I'm a single, white female (as the song says) and no real hope of my cowboy riding to my rescue on a  black stallion.   Stuck in my head with wishing that I should have done this or done that, stuck in  that I don't have all that others have .  Stuck in my head that if I had only tried harder or made better choices  my life would be different.  I can answer my own question on that one, because y'all that have been following me know I've made plenty of wrong choices.

So how in the world do I get "unstuck."  I've had plenty of  professional training as I like to call it, but all that training in the world doesn't help if you don't practice what you learn.  Sometimes it takes me a time or two to get my head wrapped around all this stuff stuck in this beautiful head of mine, and I usually can get it after at least the third try.  But this time it's really stuck in there and it just keeps playing over and over in my head like a washing machine going round and round.  So this is where the hard core professional training steps in.

I remember my trainer telling me about the three C's.  Don't criticize, condemn or complain.  Well hells bells, all three of those have taken over my brain like some virus or something.    Those three little words (and I ain't talking about I Love YOU) are stuck up in this head like a bad dream.  So now "what you gonna do when they come for you."

First off ain't nobody going any where and secondly I got this!  I've just been on a little pity party but my feisty little self is leaving this party of one.   Ya'll know I love social media and today I read a post that said "the comparison game is one you'll always lose.  Celebrate who you are and what you have, rather than fixating on who you're not and what you lack.  You are enough and you have plenty to offer but you'll never see it if you're busy looking at everyone else."  (Ruth from twitter) good is that.  I think it was a God wink as I like to call it and he knew I needed that assurance today that  I am good enough and unique and he's got me.

WOW this is getting way longer than I thought, but y'all know I have to add a little silly so here you go.  The second part of the story about being stuck is doctor's giving you pills big as Texas when you have strep and can't even swallow water.  Well you figured it out already, one got stuck in  my throat this afternoon and I couldn't get it to go up or down.  I ate everything in the house and I'm still not sure it's made it to my stomach yet..  I mean how could it, my throat is swollen almost shut.  Oh well, if tomorrow never comes, at least I took my meds.  Heck fire I hope my throat is better before I have to take the next horse pill or  I may be calling 9-1-1 what's your emergency 'cause I can't breath, something's stuck.

LESSON TODAY:  This one might be easier than some.  Don't get stuck with bad thoughts in your head.  Don't let what other's have or worry about what you don't have.  Be thankful for what you do have..  I mean God probably has that cowboy on a dusty trail somewhere trying to get here or if  I'm lucky he'll be a millionaire in a white limo instead.  So with all that being said... I will end with Ruth from twitter's response to me  "Sometimes you've got to have a little pity party before you can come through on the other side, stronger and ready to appreciate yourself for all the wonderful qualities you have."  That, from a women I don't even know.  So for me, I'm dusting myself off,  putting on my favorite pair of boots and leaving this pity train.  Now if something I've written hits home, leave the pity party.  Might not be easy but you can do it.

 Sweet Southern Sass

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