Friday, October 19, 2018

If You're Going Through Hell

"If you're going through hell, keep on going, don't slow down. If you're scared, don't show it, you might get out before the devil even knows it." Rodney Atkins

The idea for this post came to mind this morning as I was thinking about the conversation my Aunt and me had last night. We went shopping for outfits to wear to my nieces wedding next month and on the way there and back we talked a little about a lot.  Sometimes you really don't need advise, just someone to listen and last night was one of those times for me. You see I've been a little bit down these past few weeks, not for any particular reason, just because. So this song came to mind and I thought...Self, you may be going through hell, but nothing compared to others, so pull yourself up by the boot strings and carry one. So I'm thinking if I start writing and pull tight enough on my boot strings I can get myself out of this crazy sadness and maybe even make myself giggle a little.

The song talks about stepping off the straight and narrow. Y'all that have been following me know I'm the queen of being way out of the straight and narrow. I'm not exactly sure what it means but for the sake of this post I'm thinking it means not behaving.  LOL, I'm never behaving because I heard Jill Connor Browne of the Sweet Potato Queens say that "well behaved women never make history." I  probably ain't gonna make history because I'm not behaving but just let me not behave and all of Hall County knows about it before my head hits the pillow. Yep, my daddy use to know what I had done and where I did it before I even got it done. Of course this was in my younger days, but I still don't know how he knew. Maybe one day I will ask, but then maybe I won't because he might know more than I want to know he knows. Y'all get that?

If you're scared don't show it. I've been scared so many times I can't even count that high. Not because of that road of straight and narrow as I said before but because I have lived by myself more than not. The funny thing is most of the times I just watched Criminal Minds or some detective show that scared the crap out of me to begin with, then when I went to bed I thought every "unsub" Detective Derrick Morgan ever arrested, was outside my window. Turns out the scratching on the window was the wind blowing the tree next to my house and what I thought was someone breaking in my house was the ice maker making ice. Yep, I could scare myself just getting out of bed, seeing my own shadow.

Lesson today? It won't take a rocket scientist to figure this one out. If you're going through hell, don't slow down and let the devil catch you. Don't get caught up in the bottle of Jim Beam, the demons breathing down your back or that deep hole of darkness.  Just take a minute, sit down and listen to the guardian angel that's probably sitting right next to you.  Heck she might be singing this little song telling you to keep on keeping on. If you scared listen to what's making you scared, it's probably the wind blowing or the ice maker and for the love of Peter, Paul and Mary pull your dang boot strings up with a smile on your face and a song in your heart.   

 Sweet Southern Sass

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