Thursday, August 23, 2018

Why You Still Here

I'm kinda thinking I'm on a roll this week.  I posted about your mama didn't do it this way the other day and I had a friend message me something just as funny and of course I have a story.  So I will just share with ya'll and hope it makes you smile or as I like to say laugh out loud.

Her story goes something like this.  She has been divorced for many years, but her mama still has her wedding pictures up and won't take them down.  Well my story is similar but at least my pictures aren't up where I have to see the CHB every time I go see my mama, which is every Sunday.  I would tell you what CHB means but my mama would give me a whooping, 'cause it ain't nice.  LOL

My story goes back several years ago we made my mama a scrap book with all our wedding pictures and added our kids pictures as they came along.  This might not be exact but this is my story.  Since I had a real wedding this time (meaning I didn't run off to Walhalla, SC) like I did the first time I was proud to add my beautiful wedding pictures to this album for my mama.   I was in LOVE, so that made me want to put extra ones, which of course I did.  For ya'll that know me, you know that LOVE didn't last so every time I pick that book up and look at it, I want to rip those lovely pictures right out of there.  That's when my mama speaks up and says something to the effect of  "that's my book, you ain't taking anything out of there."  So guess what?  20 years later those stinking pictures are still in that book.

The funnier story (to me) is about my lovely wedding pictures I mentioned earlier.  We had lots of wedding pictures as every bride and groom does and bought the photo album to go with it.  I mean you want to be able to look back every now and then how beautiful a bride you were and hopefully see that the groom was equally as handsome.  We both fit this description at the wedding but there is one problem with my wedding pictures now.   I cut the groom out of EVERY one of them.  Yep, I ain't kidding, every one of them.  He may have been all handsome in that black western tux and cowboy hat, but apparently that wasn't enough to keep me from getting all crazy and cutting him out.  Lord have mercy what was I thinking?   Evidently I wasn't, those things cost a lot of money.

Lesson today?  If you find yourself staring at an ex picture at your mama's, just remember that Bible verse in Exodus that tells us to honor our mother and father.  I for one am not going to argue with that, so when my mama tells me that's her book, well alrighty then...I'm not about to take any pictures out. I may be however old I'm not telling, but I'm still scared of my mama.  Yep, she might be older too, but I ain't waiting around to find out if she can still give me a whooping 'cause I know she could and would if she thought I needed it.

This brings to mind the old cliche'.if mama ain't happy, ain't nobdy happy.  So for the sake of any argument, let's just smile and agree with mama.  Don't look at that book more than you have too and just look the other way when you visit and the ex picture is still on the piano.

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