Monday, August 20, 2018

Don't Think Mama Done It This Way

Hold on ya'll, here is another funny one.  Last week I heard the song Don't Think Hank Done It This Way and it reminded me of a story my mama tells all the time about my daddy.  So I'm going to share hoping to save some poor soul from making the mistake my daddy made. 

Mama said when they first got married, she made bread and butter pickles 'cause my daddy liked them.  I'm sure knowing my mama and her cooking, they were good pickles, but my daddy had the nerve to tell her they didn't taste like his mama's.  Oh Lord, was he crazy?  Evidently, because my mama said probably not, I'm not your mama.  This might have just been the last time my daddy got bread and butter pickles, at least from my mama.

So this leads me to my very own mama didn't do it this way story.  When I first married I cooked some pinto beans.  Being young and not ever taking the time to learn how to cook, the pinto beans burned.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out the beans weren't good, but my husband (kinda like my daddy) must have had a temporary lack of judgement because he just blurted it right out.  "These don't taste like my mama's.  Well, you think?  I am my mama's child, so I politely, yes politely said... of course they don't, they're burned!!!  Ya'll don't need me to finish this story, 'cause you know how it ends.  No more pinto beans for him!!

This brings me to my son and his mama didn't do it this way story.  When he first got married his wife made I think chicken & dumplings for dinner.  His wife really didn't make them the way me or my mama made them and of course the first thing out of my son's mouth was these don't taste like mama's.  Crazy kid, did I not teach him anything?  He got lucky, his sweet wife wasn't as feisty as me and my mama, she asked me how I made them.  Bless her heart she was in love.   Needless to say I didn't want my son to never get chicken & dumplings again, so I put a bug in his ear not to EVER and I mean EVER say something doesn't taste like his mama's.  Then I proceeded to tell him why.

Lesson today?  VERY SIMPLE...don't ever tell your wife, girlfriend or significant other that something doesn't taste like your mama's.  It might be best that you eat it (if you can) 'cause you might just never get it again and it might just be your favorite food they tried to make.  I mean seriously I bet your mama had to make it many times before she mastered it.  That is of course if someone didn't say those famous words, "this don't taste like my mama's" and she tried it again.

 Sweet Southern Sass

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