Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Crazy Beautiful

"She's got big brown eyes and tangled hair, voguing in her underwear and nothing is better than doing nothing together now.  She's got a toothbrush as a microphone belting out the Rolling Stones.  I'm the last one to stop her, can't believe that I got her."  Andy Grammar

Good morning and welcome to my world of crazy.   LOL  Big brown eyes, yep I got 'em, tangled hair, yep every day.   I got the Farrah Faucet look today, wings and all.  Well I do have an excuse.  My hair dresser got married and she's busy.  But hey I'm looking vogue with all that hair, sprayed to heaven.  I ain't got a toothbrush in my hand but I'm rocking the air drums on my way to work this morning listening to my favorite morning DJ Diva playing this exact song on the radio.  Yep, it's a sight to see, a pretend Farrah playing the drums, singing to the top of my lungs, tooling right along the highway like I ain't got a care in the world.

Trust me I got a style of my own.  Not so sure it's classic, but it's one of a kind and one that probably no one wants to copy.   I've never been told my smile can be heard through the telephone but I bet when I've got a belly laugh going on you might hear a snort or two.  Are ya'll getting the picture yet? I'm one kinda crazy and the only hellion my mama raised.

A little bit wild, a little bit mad, and a little bit beautiful wild and little bit bad.  Good Lord how can I be described in such few words?  I'm a little bit all the above.  Wild at heart with a gypsy soul which means I wonder a lot.  Get it?  Not wander, like wandering lost, but wonder because I'm always wondering what the heck.  I don't get mad often but when I'm mad, I'm mad and I ain't gonna "cry pretty."   Not sure that makes me beautiful but it certainly will make me a little bit bad 'cause if I'm mad, I'm probably gonna do something stupid because I'm horrible at thinking before I act.  But...I am practicing this thing they say do of counting to 10.  My problem is by the time I get to about four or five, I forget what I'm mad about any way.  So there you go, guess that counting to 10 stuff works.

This one is a little short today, but I need the laugh and who better to laugh at than myself.  Hello world here comes crazy, Farrah hair and all.

Lesson today?  For the love of Peter, Paul and Mary...who knows but  I will come up with something here in a minute.   Just for today, live in the moment, show up like you're meant to be there, be humble and kind, and if living in the moment becomes unpleasant, eat a cookie.   I sure hope my day is pleasant 'cause if I eat a cookie, it will be the whole bag, especially if it's Oreo's.

  Sweet Southern Sass

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