Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year

"Happy New Year, Happy New Year.  Let's raise a glass, here's to you dear.  Now I was hoping that I'd find you here, just to wish you a Happy New Year.:"  Kid Rock

2017 is over and 2018 is here. I decided to bring in the New Year at home last night.  Not because I didn't have places to go, but because I was tired from seeing my friends play music on Thursday AND Friday. Reflecting on 2017 I have been both sad and happy.  Sad that I've lost two Aunts, several classmates from school and too many friends.  One thing for sure I'm happy that I made it another year and for the most part it was a good year.

It was a good year that I still have a job, a place to live and my family are all close enough we can still eat at my mom's on Sunday's.  My mom reminded me last night this time last year she was in the hospital having a stent but she got home in time for New Year's Day with her family.  We laughed because she said I let the collards ruin.  The truth is SHE left them in the sink and because she wasn't there to make sure they were OK, they spoiled.  So ME to the rescue.  LOL, now that's funny just writing it.   We didn't have the fresh collards from her garden but we had collards (the bag kind from Kroger) and the main thing is my mama was home from the hospital to tell me how to cook them.  They may not have been as good as my mama's but we were all there together and that my friends is a blessing.  One that I will always remember.  Well now that my mama reminded me.

This is a short post because my mama didn't have to go to the hospital this year, my daddy is feeling better, the Georgia Bulldogs are playing in the Rose bowl and I've got to get a move on.  I've got to get to my mama's house because we're having the REAL collards from her garden, black eye peas and cornbread.  But the biggest reason I gotta get going is because my family is waiting on me to get there so we can begin the New Year like it should be.  TOGETHER as family. If y'all hear craziness coming from somewhere close it's just us yelling at the TV because my one brother things Oklahoma is going to win and the rest of us KNOW Georgia is going to win and play Clemson in the championship.  Now when this happens, of course we will need another party because my nephew went to Clemson and most of us will be pulling for Georgia so the only way I can described this family get together is a "house divided."

Lesson today?  Spend time with your family.  It doesn't have to be a special day, just make it a special day because you're together.  I know we will today and hopefully many more in the New Year.

       Happy New Year,
        Love to all!!!
         Sweet Southern Sass

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