Thursday, November 2, 2017

If You Came Back From Heaven

"I wouldn't know what to say, I wouldn't know what to do if you came back from heaven and I would look at you.  Would I fumble for the words, would I be a little shy, would I bust right out with laughter or break right down and cry."  Lorrie Morgan

WOW and WOW again, these are some powerful words.  I can think of several people what I would do if they came back from heaven.  Ya'll that have followed me know the very first one is my friend Andrew.  If he came back from heaven, I can tell you right now the first thing I would do is run and jump in his arms for one of his big ole bear hugs.  Yep I would be running 'cause he's so tall I would have to get a running start to jump that high.  I wouldn't be shy and I wouldn't fumble for words because the very first thing I would tell him is how much I miss him.  I wouldn't cry except for tears of joy but for sure within a few minutes I would be busting out with laughter because that's him.  He always made me laugh, sometimes I laughed so hard at him, tears rolled down my check.  Yep, I definitely would not be without words for him.

Being that today is my Grandpa's birthday he's the next one I'm thinking of if he came back from heaven.  I don't remember Grandpa being a hugging kinda man but I just know if he came back from heaven I would have to give him a hug.  I mean he's been gone a long time and I sure do miss him.  Just thinking about him today reminds me of his last Thanksgiving with us.  I can close my eyes right now and see him walking through the door to eat with that grin only he could do, his eyes sparkling because we are all there.   He loved us grandkids but I really think I was his favorite.  OK all ya'll other grand kids don't get all bent out of frame, we all know he didn't have any favorites but... I am the only one that could call him Grandpa, so in my book, that makes me his favorite.

Then there's my Aunt Dot.  Lord have mercy where do I start with her?  I hope God knows if he let her go I'd never send her back.  I wouldn't send her back because I miss so much about her.  I miss those calls at night, some she just wanted to talk, some she needed to straighten me out and of course there were the ones trying to get me back with that one somebody that she loved.  By the way, it's still not going to happen.  I told my mama if my Aunt Dot couldn't make it happen it would never happen.  I do know what they say about "never say never" but I'm pretty sure hell will freeze over before that particular wish of hers happens.  Bless her heart, she certainly tried.

The last person I think about if she came back from heaven is my Mama Highfield.  I saved her 'til last not because she's any less important or less missed, but because she's the grandmother and that means special attention.  I hope God knows if he let my Mama Highfield go, I'd never send her back either.  I wouldn't send her back because I want her to see my two grandsons and see what kinda grandmother I am.  I want her to hopefully see that I learned a lot from her and I hope she thinks I'm the BEST at it or at least the best that I can do.  I've never been the best at a whole lot, but I do know one thing for sure and that is that whatever I'm doing it's at 100% and giving all I got.  I'm not sure I could ever be as good at grandmother as my mama and Mama Highfield but my wish is that they see I'm giving it my best shot.

Lesson today?  Stop and think for a second who you want to come back from heaven.  Think about why you want them to come back.  Do you want them to come back because you miss them?  Because you need to say you're sorry about something?  or simply to just say good-bye because you didn't get that chance.  So with these questions asked, we all know we can't have people sent back to us from heaven and this is all pretend, so don't let that time get away that you regret not spending time with the special people in your life.   Don't wake up one morning and find out someone special in your life is gone and you're wishing you had spent more time with them or told them you love them.  Do it TODAY!

 Love to all,
  Sweet Southern Sass

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  1. I love this. I don't need to say I'm sorry and though no amount of time that you spend is enough after you loose someone, We were
    close and spend a lot of time together. I just need to feel his arms around me and I need to tell him how much I love him as I always did but more importantly, I would tell him how much his son needs him. And then there is my Dad...Lord, I need tissues!