Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Things That I Lean On

"Psalm 23 when I'm scared to death.  A sleeping pill and my mind won't rest.  A little BB King when the thrill is gone.  These are the things that I lean on.  God's grace when I'm looking on a dangerous path.  12 steps when I need to find my way back.  My mama's voice on the telephone, these are the things that I lean on."  Wynonna Judd

This post was started back in August on the way to work after I learned heaven gained a new angel  when my dear Aunt had taken her final journey here on earth.  My uncle is a Christian man that probably turned to Psalm 23 for comfort more than one time over the past several years taking care of his sweet wife as her health declined.  But in the same sense I see her leaning on him as she was a tiny little thing and he was so big and strong.  Big and strong not only because of his stature but because of his faith and belief in God that  surely gave her more comfort than maybe he even knows.

My uncle has been gray headed as long as I can remember.  As a child I always thought anyone with gray hair was old but as I became older I realized having gray hair didn't make you old.  In my uncle's case it just made him distinguished looking that became a tired look over the years.   Reading the lyrics of this song I wonder what things he leaned on over these years and especially that last week.  I'm sure he thought many times of his mama and if he could hear her voice what comfort that would give him.  It probably wasn't a Conway song but something more like Amazing Grace or How Great Thou Art.  I doubt very seriously it was a sleeping pill to help his mind rest but a prayer that he certainly gained comfort from above. 

I'm sure during this time my uncles spirit was weak and his body breaking but he didn't stop.  He didn't need 12 steps and the devil didn't need to give him a talking to.  He had the shoulder of the man above to lean on and those shoulders are big enough to hold even my uncle so tall and strong.  God gave them many years of happiness here on earth. The days will be empty and the nights long but one day my uncle will take his journey home and they will walk hand in hand as one in heaven in the family of God.  Until then, he will be leaning on the everlasting arm of God's grace.

Lesson today?  What are the things you lean on?  Are you leaning on the things my uncle leans on or are you leaning on the pleasures of society?  Like I've said before I'm no bible scholar and don't claim to be but if you're leaning on things that would make the devil happy, maybe you need to take a look at Psalm 23 and hopefully it will help you find something better to lean on.  Something that will give you peace and a shoulder to lean on that will hold even the biggest of us.  A shoulder that will never turn away and arms that will give you comfort even in the hardest times.

  Love to all,
  Sweet Southern Sass

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