Friday, October 20, 2017

If It Wasn't For A Woman

"I close my eyes and she's right there.  Barbie dolls and teddy bears, picking buttercups from the yard putting them in mason jars.  Tea parties and pecan pie make me think of her every time.  Yes sir, yes ma'am it wouldn't be who I am if it wasn't for a woman. "  Kelly Pickler

Kellie Pickler says she was inspired by her grandmother for this song.  Well this same song makes me think of my own grandmother every time I hear it.   Pecan pies aren't the only thing that reminds me of my grandmother, but she sure could make some good ones.  My sister thinks hers are as good, but come on ya'll, we all know our grandmother's makes the best EVERYTHING!!!

 I don't remember us having "tea parties" but I guess when my grandmother made her "tea" cakes it was a party because my Aunt and me watched like we were gonna learn how to make 'em but we all know how that turned out for me.  For ya'll that don't know what a tea cake is I googled the little things and found lots of descriptions but the one I like best is Divas Can Cook description.  "Tea cakes are as old-fashioned and southern as church funeral fans, make you wanna hum an old spiritual kinda thing. They aren't cakes or cookies at all.  They're kinda like a cake, cookie and biscuit all in one if that makes sense."  Some people think they should be crunchy but not me.  I like mine soft and a little sweet, just like my grandmother made them.  Sometimes she put chocolate icing and oh Lord have mercy, that was for sure a party.  Not icing from a can but the real stuff she made herself.

I'm sure we picked buttercups, but the flowers I remember most at my grandmother's was those little blue/purple ones she called thrift.    As far back as I can remember she had that stuff everywhere and we always got in trouble for picking them.  Keep in mind the little boogers didn't have stems long enough to put in a thimble, let alone put them in a mason jar, but that didn't keep us from picking it.  My favorite story about thrift was when Grandpa killed some birds.  We buried them, had funeral services and put that thrift all over their little graves.  I'm for sure we got in trouble for that because there were a lot of thrift picked that day.  Can't ya'll just see us now?  I wonder what songs we sung?

So many things I remember about my grandmother but another thing that comes to mind today is when we would get together for Thanksgiving at her house.  My favorite cake was yellow cake with her real chocolate icing and strawberries between the layers.  Oh my gosh this would make you wanna say hallelujah, praise the Lord and pass the biscuits or in this case, pass the chocolate cake.  .  Like I've said before since this is my story it's the way I remember it so what I remember is...she made that cake just for ME!!!!

Lesson today?  If you're lucky enough to still have your grandmother, take the time to go see her and make some memories.  What I would give to sit around that kitchen table again watching her make those tea cakes or to have one of those chocolate cakes only she could make.  One more Thanksgiving to look at old pictures and see her laughing at us.    Don't wake up tomorrow regretting that you didn't take time and the only thing you have left are memories.  Yes memories are wonderful but being hugged by your grandmother, well there ain't nothing like it.  I miss my Mama Highfield.

    Love to all,
    Sweet Southern Sass

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