Thursday, August 31, 2017

On My Way

"I'm hard-headed, I'm stubborn.  I'm stuck in my ways.  Still learning what it means to heal my knees and pray.  But I'm on my way."   Nashville cast featuring Hayden Panettiere & Jonathan Jackson

Lord have mercy how did Nashville know who I am?  LOL  Anyone that knows me knows I'm hard-headed, stubborn and oh so stuck in my ways.  But is that really a bad thing?  I probably could get a little "unstuck" but that might mean not doing things my way and I like doing things my way.  Keep in mind my way may not always be the right way according to some, but the way I see it if I'm not hurting anyone or being disrespectful then I should be good to go with my way.

I'm sure my mama has thought many times I'm more trouble than I'm not.  But somebody has to keep her life interesting.  We all know it could be said I'm the only hell my mama ever raised, but I like to think that's not true.  I mean she does have six other childrens.   Mr. Webster says a hellion is a rowdy, mischievous, or trouble making person.  If I must fit myself in one of these categories it would probably be rowdy more than the others.  However, I have been know to be a little mischievous at times.  Oh crap what am I talking about I fit all three of them.  I'm a little mischievous when my rowdy friends come over and we cause a little trouble now and then butt....ya'll remember my statements before.  I'm not going to do anything that I have to wear orange or turn the lights out at a certain time.  Two reasons!!!  orange ain't my color and I like the lights to go out when I want too not because someone slams a door and yells "Lights out."  No, no, no, not for me!!!

Maybe Travis Tritt was talking about me when he wrote his song T-R-O-U-B-L-E.  Mercy look what just walked through that door. Well hello T-R-O-U-B-L-E.  Tell me what in the world you doin' A-L-O-N-E.  Well I smell T-R-O-U-B-L-E.   I think Mr. Travis means this kind of trouble in a good way, probably like me.   You know someone that causes a commotion just waking up in the morning.   It's definitely a commotion when I wake up, rolling myself out of bed because my back hurts or my knees don't work because of all those years on the basketball court. Hey, it's my story and I'm sticking to it.  Some mornings  I think a tow truck would work better but then I would have to pay for that.  LOL   Ya'll know that saying "be the kinda woman that when she wakes up in the morning the devil says oh crap, she's awake."    I bet the devil says that every morning I wake up, but what he don't know is I have someone bigger than him on my side.

"Ain't got it figured out.  Right now all I can say is I'm on my way."  I don't have this thing called life figured out but I do know that I've got it way more figured out than I did 20 years ago.  Twenty years ago I was married and thought it would last forever.  Well we all know that didn't work as planned and it took me LOTS of years to move on from that chapter but this book ain't finished yet.  I plan to live many more years and I plan to live them to the fullest.  It may not be the way others think I should but the one thing ya'll know about me is most of the time that doesn't stop me.  I may not have it figured out EXACTLY but I'm on my way.  I'm on my way to learning how to love again (that is if I ever find someone again) and I'm on my way to learning how to love myself.  (I mean what's not to love).  On my way, loving every step I take to being a better person.   Who knows, maybe one of these mornings I wake up I won't have to roll out of bed.  Maybe I'll just jump right up and yell...I'm awake and I feel good.  Oh Lord, another song just came to mind but I guess I'll stop here.  Well except for the lesson.

Lesson today?  I guess let's just go with if you're stuck and don't know what to do, don't give up.  Remember the saying if at first you don't succeed, try, try again.  Well come on people, giving up has never been an option for me so I don't want it to be one for ya'll either.  Keep on keeping on and don't put so much pressure on yourself that it has to be done over night.  Ya'll know Rome wasn't built in a night.  LOL.  Just take one day at a time and every morning when you wake up just say to yourself, it may not be today... but I'm on my way.

  Love to all,
  Sweet Southern Sass

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