Thursday, June 29, 2017

You Can't Make Old Friends

What will I do when you are gone?  Who's gonna tell me the truth?  Who's gonna finish the stories I start the way you always do? - Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers

Ya'll better buckle up for this one, it's gonna be one to hopefully make you laugh out loud.  Ya'll know I love that kinda laugh.  The one that comes from your toes and you can't stop.  

This weekend was a girls weekend and Lord have mercy it was one for the books.  One that kept us all laughing and only one that cried.  Yeah, not me this time.  But the one that cried (my opinion) just needed her eyes washed.  I mean there is something blooming somewhere.  LOL.  

There are six of us in our group we call The Birds.  Yep, I guess you can figure that one out.  We're a flock of birds that four of us have been friends almost 40 years.  The other two birds, not really sure how many years we've been friends, but I just like to say we're all friends and the years doesn't really matter.  These ladies are the ones that gonna tell me the truth, finish my story, tell me how bad I look but most importantly how beautiful they think I am even if I don't believe it myself.  (which is usually most of the time.)  

"How will I sing when you are gone 'cause it won't sound the same.  Who will join in on those harmony parts when I call your name?"  None of us can "carry a tune in a bucket" except Mrs. Bling and she loves to sing.  Me on the other hand use to be able to sing anything I wanted but dear old age with it's menopause and crap has settled in and I truly can't carry a tune in a bucket.  SUCKS!!!  BUTT...that doesn't stop me from trying to sing a little harmony when Mrs. Bling needs help.  OK, I know it's only in MY mind she needs some help.  But on occasion she has asked me to sing a little doo whop back up.  Surely ya'll getting the picture by now.  It ain't pretty or should I say it doesn't sound pretty.   

"When somebody knocks at the door, someone new walks in I will smile and shake their hands but you can't make old friends."  Trust me there have been others who have tried to fly with this flock but for whatever reason couldn't quite get off the ground.  I'm sure there was a good reason but I'm thinking it's just as simple as Dolly and Kenny's song says.  "You can't make old friends."  Old friends that gonna hold my hand if I'm scared, old friends that's gonna build me up when I'm down, old friends that will give me a hug just because. Old friends that simply 'gonna be there because the "show must go on."  

There will come a day when St. Peter will open the gate and we will fly away from this flock of friends.  But one thing I know for sure, whoever goes first will be waiting on the rest.  Waiting on their friends who will be young again, waiting on their friends with open arms 'cause we all know, you can't make old friends.

Lesson today?  Heck, let's just run with something to make you laugh.  Don't worry about how many facebook friends you have (you probably don't know half of them any way), hold on to your old friends, hold them tight every chance you get and tell them you love them.  Go have lunch with them or better yet if you're lucky enough, have a weekend like we just did. 

Love to all,
Sweet Southern Sass

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