Tuesday, June 13, 2017

It Ain't My Fault

"But it ain't my fault, no it ain't my fault.  Mighta had a little fun, lotta wrong I'd done...but it ain't my fault."
- Brothers Osborne

Ok folks I'm hoping this one will bring back some childhood memories or fun times that will make you laugh and hopefully not any bad things that may or may not have been your fault.

When I first heard this song, I'm up and dancing with my hands in the air (as the song says) remembering so many times I said to my mama..."It ain't my fault."  I am certain there were more times it was MY fault than not but I wasn't going to get my butt in trouble when I could blame it on someone else.  I mean why would I?

"I got my hands up I need an alibi.  Find me a witness who can testify you made a mistake.  I'm only guilty of a damn good time.  No it ain't my fault."  So many times I would come home late when I was younger and say something like, so and so wouldn't come home or so and so had to go by her house first.  Whatever came to mind at the time to keep my butt out of hot water, that's what I told.  Need an alibi?  Heck yea I needed an alibi.  I wasn't going to take all the blame, even though I'm sure it was more my fault than who I was with.  If the truth was known it was a true story that the only thing I was guilty of was a damn good time.  Come on now, that is why I was out in the first place.

"Blame my reason on my name."  As another famous songs says "I'm the only hell my mama raised."  That may not be totally true because my two brothers are right there with me, but as for the girls, I'm sure I was the only one.  That,  my friends is why I can blame anything I did on my name.  All five of us girls could be together and my mama would know it was my fault for whatever the reason.  Must have been the name.

As I'm writing this I'm just wondering how much my mama believed all those times I blurted out that it ain't my fault.  Now that I'm a mother, I'm thinking she probably never believed me so I guess that's what us mama's are suppose to do.  Give our kids a little lead way if it's not anything bigger than being late being out with friends.  However, I can promise you right this very minute, my mama would have "jerked a knot in my tail" had it been anything else more serious.  Believe me I have felt the sting of that little hickory switch and I don't like it.  I may be however old I am that I don't want to say just yet, but I'm still afraid of my mama's switch. She may be older too but I guarantee you she could "wear me out" right now and I would still be going round and round in circles trying to miss that switch.

Lesson today?  It ain't my fault!!! LOL

  Love to All, 
  Sweet Southern Sass

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