Monday, May 8, 2017

I Saw God Today

"His fingerprints are everywhere.  I just look down and stop and stare, open my eyes and I swear...I Saw God Today."  George Strait

This might be a long one but there is no doubt I saw God today.  Every where I turned, his fingerprints were there.  It started this morning when I went to church to see my niece baptized.  It's always a blessing when someone is baptized but it really is a blessing when it's my own family.  Sitting on that bench behind my nephew and his kids, the smile on his face as his wife was standing there in front of God and the whole church to be baptized, obviously I saw God today.

My mama didn't feel good today and didn't know if she would feel good enough to go to the birthday party, but she decided to go.  My mama, the matriarch of our family, laughing, enjoying her family but most importantly when she wanted  her picture made with my brother in law, only my brother in law I watched her laughing with him, being silly and it made me wonder what was going through her mind.  I wondered if it was because she's been sick since Christmas, was it because she didn't feel good today, or was it because she was happy to be there with her family.  I believe it was little bit of all the things above, but regardless of the reason, in that minute, my mama was laughing and felt good enough to be there. In that minute, I saw God Today!

"Got my face pushed up against the nursery glass, she's sleeping like a rock.  My name on her wrist, wearing tiny pink socks.  She's got my nose, she's got her mama's eyes."  Five years ago today, my niece thought it was a false alarm that she was headed to the hospital.  My great niece was only 24 weeks old, it couldn't be for real.  People, it was for real and our little princess was born.  A little peanut that weighed only 1 lb. 6 oz. she was so tiny my fist was bigger than her little body.  121 days in the NICU, we brought her home, "our bran new baby girl, she's a miracle." We saw God that day.

I've been to church, I've read the book.  I know He's there, but I don't look near as often as I should.  His fingerprints are everywhere.  I just look down and stop and stare, open my eye and then I swear, I saw God Today!  Today I went to church, we read the book and everywhere I looked, his fingerprints were everywhere. His fingerprints obviously the reason my niece was baptized today.   His fingerprints clearly giving my mama the strength to go to the birthday party and feeling good enough to laugh and enjoy her family.  His fingerprints glowing on our miracle baby girl, proof that on this day five years ago we saw God bring this baby girl to us way too early, keeping his healing hand on her tiny little body until she was strong enough for us to bring her home.  That day was a glorious day, with welcome home signs, pictures and so much joy, I can't even describe it.  One thing for sure my family saw God!  We saw God that day and today I saw him again as we celebrated our family together for one special little girl.  One little girl that brings us so much joy.

My lesson today?  I just truly don't know today, but maybe I will just leave you with this one thought.  If you don't think you saw God today, take a minute and look around you.  Think about it and I promise, whether you recognize it or not, you saw God today!

  I hope you see God today!
  Love to all,
  Sweet Southern Sass

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