Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Take The Road Less Traveled

"Why do you keep on staring?  That mirror, mirror, it ain't fair at all.  Dress sizes can't define, don't let the world decide what's beautiful."  Lauren Alaina

Well smack my head as they say, why is it that society has such an impact on beauty.  Why is it that a size 2 is how most of the world thinks a young woman should look?  Well hell's bells some of the most beautiful people I know are a size 2 plus 10 which makes a size 12.  Who cares what size the label inside a dress says?  I certainly don't because we all know the dryer shrinks our clothes anyway.  LOL   My opinion (and since this is my blog) it's what counts here at sweet southern sass, a dress size does NOT determine a person's beauty.  For me a person's beauty comes from within, from their heart, their personality and most importantly how they treat others.  So go ahead, tear out that label inside your dress, "trust your rebel heart, ride it into battle.  Wear out your boots and kick up the gravel."

"You won't make yourself a name if you follow the rules.  History gets made when you're acting a fool."  Well Lord have mercy we all know I'm not a rule follower.  Don't get me wrong I ain't breaking no laws that will send me to jail, 'cause orange ain't my color.  But what I mean is if I can break in line and not get slapped up side the head, I will probably try it.  If my cold passes at the race says I can't go in a certain area, I'm going to at least try it and if I get caught, apologize with my sweetest southern charm and politely leave with a smile.  I mean we all know southern women are good at getting what they want.  As Jill Conner Browne says..."Well behaved women never made history."  So go ahead, march to the rhythm of a different drum.  Put your hands up, show me that you're one of a kind.  Put your hands up, let me hear your voice."

My lesson today is simple.  If you don't know where you're going, it doesn't matter what road you take.  "But be bold enough to live life on your terms, and never, ever apologize for it.  Go ahead, take the road less traveled instead of the well-beaten path.  Dance as though EVERYBODY is watching, march to the beat of your own drummer and stubbornly refuse to fit in."  Mandy Hale, The Single Woman:  Life, Love and a Dash of Sass.

from Steel Magnolias describes us rule breakers that beat to our own drum the very best...We're just too colorful for words.  So get a move on, get a little dirt on your boots and take the road less traveled.  Oh and pick a few flowers along the way.

Love to all...
  Sweet Southern Sass

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