Sunday, April 2, 2017

Me and Jesus

 "Me and Jesus, got our own thing goin', me and Jesus, got it all worked out.  Me and Jesus, got our own thing going', We don't need anybody to tell us what it's all about."  Sundance Head

Being that today is Sunday, this song seems fitting.  Some people think it's not necessary to go to church to be a Christian.  This may be true for some and that's OK with me, but for ME I need church.  I need the blessings from the songs sung, the sermon but more importantly the prayers.  I love my church and the loving feeling I get as soon as I am greeted at the door.

I guess it's not necessary to be in church every Sunday but let me just tell you right now, growing up my mama took us EVERY Sunday morning, Sunday night and Wednesday night.  I just knew when church time came we would be there.  We might argue about it, but ya'll know mama knows best and yes ma'am, we went to church.

What my mama finds funny is growing up I sat on the last bench in the church.  Now TODAY I sit on the fourth row almost front and center.  Of course ya'll that know me, probably know sitting on that last row was so I could sit with all my friends, pass notes and probably talk.  I  thought sitting way back there mama being up front playing the piano wouldn't see what was going on.  Well guess what, she did. I do believe she had eyes in the back of her head because on the way home, she would let us know she saw us passing those notes.  LOL. 

I'm not here to judge what "you and Jesus" have going on, but I'm here to tell you me and Jesus got our own thing going on and I wouldn't have it any other way.  I can't imagine not knowing him as my personal Savior and I'm not afraid to blog about it.  I'm sorry if you're offended but hopefully you will see the light before it's too late and get your own thing going with Jesus.

Lesson for today?  It doesn't matter if you're on the last row of the church or the fourth row of the church or you're  at home listening to the preacher on TV.  What matters is your own relationship with Jesus.  Not mine, not your neighbor or anyone else.  Just you, yourself and Jesus.

  Love to all and God Bless!
  Sweet Southern Sass

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