Friday, March 10, 2017


It's Friday again and today begins my birthday weekend.  It's going to be a busy one but then what's new.

Today when I came to work I'm greeted by happy birthday decorations and several e-mails from co-workers.  My co-workers really know how to make a young lady feel good.  So of course my little mind starts thinking about how old I am.  I've always felt like age is just a number but today as I'm about to be another year older I'm thinking Bless her heart, she don't even know she's old.

I remember when I thought 30 was old, then it was 40, then 50 but Lord have mercy 60 I couldn't even count that high.  I say all the time my daddy is the oldest person I know older than me.  But seriously does age really matter in anything other than when you start drawing Social Security or we get 50 and can join AARP and the Red Hat Society.  The only thing I've noticed as I've gotten older is I've gained weight in a few places that I don't want, I can't play basketball or softball like I could and my hair is turning a little gray.  Well of course only my hairdresser knows if that is true or not.

Tomorrow I am walking a 5K for my niece and her sorority.  That's proof  I'm not old, right? My son ask me why I do these runs.  It's simple...I enjoy them, I meet lots of new people but I think the main thing is it gets me up off the couch and I'm getting some kind of exercise.   I'm not in it to win any medals but if I do that's good too.  My main goal is to finish of course but the only goal I set for myself is to beat my own time on the previous race.  Sometimes this happens, sometimes not.  But in the scheme of life does it really matter?

Tomorrow night my high school friends are having a get together for my birthday.  I always love hanging out with them because I'm not the oldest person at the party.  We graduated high school together, played basketball and have remained friends all these years.   I am blessed beyond measure having these ladies in my life and I am looking forward to another night I'm able to spend with them.

This just might be another post with no meaning to anyone but me, so let me say the things we all hear often.  Life is short, don't worry about how old you are, get out and have fun.  Don't wake up one day and wonder where life has gone.   Dance in the rain, wear a tutu, and if it's your birthday CELEBRATE that you're still here.  I might even wear a tiara tomorrow night because I'm going to be QUEEN FOR THE NIGHT!!!!

Sweet Southern Sass

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