Thursday, March 2, 2017

How’s ya’ mom'n'em?

Thinking back to my younger days (which by the way was a loooong time ago) when we use to visit our relatives on Sunday's.   I remember one of the first things someone would say was "how's ya mom'n'em."   Ever wonder why mama is first then 'em?    I'm thinking the 'em is the rest of the family and mama is first because mama is most important.  I mean she did give birth to us sassy little young'uns.  Lawd have mercy I got a little sidetracked from my thoughts.  My real point  is that people don't have time to visit any more.   I hear it all the time at funeral's how sad it is that's the only time we see people.  

How I wish we could slow down, smell the coffee and pick a few flowers along the way.  Spend a little more time with our mom'n'em.  I'm lucky enough to still have both my parents and I do visit on Sundays.  The best thing about those visits with my mom'n'em is she cooks for us.  Yep, a home cooked true southern meal every Sunday like it's Thanksgiving.   

So the thought for today...Slow down, visit your family, laugh a little, pick some flowers but most importantly, tell someone you love them.  As we all know life is short and you might not get the chance tomorrow.

Love to all!!!!
Sweet Southern Sass

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