Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Do ya'll know what a "Whoopin" is?

Let me tell you what a "whoopin" is.  It's that thing you get when you misbehave.  A whoopin can be given with anything your mama picks up.  (belt, switch, hair brush, fly swatter, etc.)   My mama always used a "hickory"  The hardest thing about this whole whoopin thing is we had to get our own "hickory" or "switch."  Being a small child when it was time for a whoopin' my mama would tell us to go get her a hickory and it better not be a little one or you'll go back.  Little did we know that little hickory was going to hurt worse than if we had gotten the whoopin with a belt.

Daddy always used a belt and let me say, he could pull that belt out of his pants and wrap around his hand quicker than I could say boo.   By the time I tried to say I didn't mean to do it, I was already getting a whoopin.

Luckily my whoopin's were always from my mama.  Only my sister a year younger than me, got one from my daddy.  This may be hard to believe too, but I was the reason she got her whoopin.  Well that's her story, not sure if I believe it or not.  

The other whoopin's I remember growing up was my poor brother.  Bless his heart, he was always getting in trouble and getting whoopin's from daddy.   You ask why I remember those in particular?  Because my brother wouldn't quit crying and daddy would tell him if he didn't stop crying he would give him something to cry about.  Apparently my brother didn't understand, because he never stopped crying.  

Describing this very undesirable action from my mama and daddy seems a little harsh but I can promise you these whoopin's truly made us kids respect our parents.   I am about to be (well you never ask a lady her age) and I still believe my mama could whoop me if she thought I needed it.  I haven't seen my daddy pull that belt out in a very long time, but I'm thinking he's still got the move and I'm too old to find out if he can still do it.  

So did ya'll get a whoopin' growing up?  If not, you don't know what you missed.  It was a lesson taught to me early as a child that I will always remember.  Not because it hurt me that bad but because I knew when I got a whoopin' my parents meant business and I better not do it again.  Of course, being me, I'm sure I did it again and I'm sure I got another whoopin.

Love to all!!!
Sweet Southern Sass

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