Sunday, March 26, 2017


 "I've had choices, since the day that I was born.  There were voices, that told me right from wrong.  If I had listened, No I wouldn't be here today.  Living and dying with the choices I made." George Jones

Yes of course I've made bad choices, some worse than others, but thank the Lord I'm here to talk about them.  I'm thinking the man above needs me here more than not.  At least that's my story.

I've always been the one that had to prove people wrong.  The story that my mama likes to tell is when I played basketball in high school.  My coach at the time told me I wouldn't play for him because I was short.  Well, that's all I needed to prove him wrong.  That very year our team won the Lanierland Tournament and I won MVP of the tournament.   The choice here was to give in to his negativity or stand tall and show him I was good enough.  I chose to stand tall (as tall as I could stand) LOL and I showed him just how good I was.

Now that story goes many years back but over the years, the choices I made brought me great heartache and tears.   I have lived with physical abuse, emotional abuse and just plain ole heartache because of the choices I made.   All these things have made me the person I am today.  So I guess God put me in these situations to make me stronger.  Maybe so I can  help someone else in similar situations, maybe to keep me from making the same mistakes again or maybe to help me simply write this blog.

My lesson today is to take a minute (or two) and reflect on your choices.  Are you happy with the choices you have made? Today I want all my sassy followers to let go of the bad choices you made in the past, you can't undo those choices, but starting today make your choices with a little more thought.  Do not settle for what you think is life's role for you.  Stand tall and prove to yourself (yep yourself) that you are worth a life of happiness and don't let anyone tell you you're not good enough for their team.

 "You cannot control what happens to you, but you can control the way you think about all the events.  You always have a choice.  You can choose to face with with a positive mental attitude."  Roy T. Bennet

   If I can do it, you can do it.  Now get a move on and   make this a blessed and happy day!

  Love to all!!!
  Sweet Southern Sass

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